CDWP approves one project, five position papers worth Rs 28 billion

CDWP position papers

CDWP considered four projects including two new projects and approved one project worth Rs 7.25 billion besides approving 05 position papers worth Rs 21.10 billion.

A meeting of the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) held on Wednesday in Islamabad approved six projects worth Rs 28 billion and sent two others to the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) for further approval.

The meeting was chaired by Deputy Chairman Planning Commission, Jahanzeb Khan. Secretary, Planning Mathar Niaz Rana, senior official of Planning Commission, federal ministries and Divisions and the representatives of the provinces attended the meeting.

The CDWP considered 4 projects including two new ones and gave the approval of one project, worth Rs 7.25 billion. Approval of 5 position papers worth Rs 21.1 billion was also given.

Moreover, three position papers related to transport and communication worth Rs 17.2 billion were sent to Ecnec for approval. Another project, sent to Ecnec for approval was regarding the acquisition of land Swat Motorway Phase-2 which is worth Rs 6.5 billion.

Two position papers, worth Rs 37.2 billion have also been sent to Ecnec. Two position papers of energy have also been approved by CDWP.

The first project is 220-kilovolt Dhabeji Substation for the provision of electricity for Dhabeji Special Economic Zone worth Rs 4.1 billion. The project is to facilitate the electrification of SEZ. The associated transmission line has been planned to supply an ultimate load of 250 megawatts. The other approval of the 34.5 MW Harpo hydropower project in District Skardu, worth Rs 9.5 billion was given.

A project related to Physical Planning and Housing namely “Improvement of Water Treatment Plant and Water Distribution System in Faisalabad (Construction of Distribution Center, rehabilitation of Old Jhai Khanuana water Treatment Plant (JICA Grant-in-Aid) Phase-1 Faisalabad worth Rs. 7.25 billion” was also approved in the meeting.

Approval of the position paper of construction of a judicial and administration complex in Mauve area was also given. A position paper concerning science and technology, Jalozai campus of University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar worth Rs 6.5 billion was approved.

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