Foreign students in US could face deportation if they are taking just online classes

Foreign students in US

Foreign students in the US, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, will have to leave the country if their classes are all taught online this fall.

Coronavirus pandemic affected all segments of society mainly the education sector. A large number of businesses had to adapt and went online and the education sector also finally embraced the e-learning system on a global scale. But the ease came to an end for foreign students in the United States when US Immigration and Customs Enforcement updated its policy for Students and Exchange Visitor Program which now forbids international students from remaining in the United States if their college or university is planning to take all classes online for the fall semester.

ICE gave Foreign students in US two options

  • Leave the country
  • Transfer to another school/college/university who is planning to take in-person classes

Those who do not follow the policy will be deported immediately.

Moreover, if you have a US student visa and planning to go to America just to take online classes then you will not be allowed to do so.

Foreign students from other countries looking forward to US education were already going through a lot as the United States is the worst-hit country by the virus and ICE new policy will certainly make things even worse.

Despite the new strong policy, there are still exemptions for some students. As per the update, there are some students who can stay in the country if they are attending physical classes as well as online courses. ICE also lifted its ban for international students for taking only one online course in the hybrid method.

As per ICE policy a student cannot take more than one online course under normal situation, ICE waived that rule for foreign students and permitted them to take all the courses online for spring and summer semester only and this will not extend to fall semester except those who fall under the hybrid model.

This policy will not just affect students it will also affect college and universities as students will move towards other colleges or universities and losing students means losing revenue.

As per ICE policy, you can take online classes in your hometown but there is another issue for students who are from a different background as some have access to the internet and some don’t. Time zone difference is also a major factor here.

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