First rainwater storage tank with 100,000 gallons capacity completed in Rawal Park

rainwater tank

The first underground rainwater tank with a storage capacity of 100,000 gallons has been constructed at Rawal Park. The Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) Rawalpindi accomplished the project costing Rs 50 million to decrease the use of clean water in parks.

The tank has a storage capacity of about 100,000 gallons and was a part of the rainwater harvesting project. All rainwater will be conserved in the upcoming monsoon season.

In this regard, PHA Director General Zaheer Ahmed Jappa informed that the project would allow the authority to save rainwater in different parks of Rawalpindi city which would be further utilized for irrigation in parks and other plantation spots of the city.

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Moreover, these projects will be implemented in the parks of Rawalpindi including Rawal Park, Pothohar Park, Allama Iqbal Park, Liaquat Bagh, and Commercial Market Children’s Park. Water supply systems would further be launched in the parks in addition to constructing water filling stations to fill water tankers, he added.

“The second such tank is under construction at Liaquat Bagh while two others would be built in Commercial Market and Allama Iqbal Park. All four tanks would have a capacity of over 300,000 gallons,” he said.

One of the goals of constructing underground water tank is to conserve rainwater through this eco-friendly project, he said.

More than 300,000 gallons of underground clean water would be conserved with the help of this project, PHA DG added.

“Ongoing scheme would not only save water but also help raise the level of the underground water table,” he said.

Emphasizing the importance of clean water, he said, the basic purpose of the initiative was to raise the water levels in the city and to fulfill water shortage issues. After the achievement of this trial project, more rainwater harvesting systems would be launched in other regions of the town, he added.

Besides, he stated that spring plantation had been commenced in all parks of the city and Murree too.

“We also identified the parks and sites in Murree for installation of a rain harvesting system.”

“The beautification drive in the city would be launched soon”, he said.

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