First drive-in cinema to be opened in Islamabad on December 18

drive-in cinema Islamabad

The residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi to have their first drive-in cinema at Parade Ground adjacent to Islamabad Highway from December 18th.

Cinemas in Pakistan have been closed for most of the year as part of the social distancing programs to diminish the effects of the coronavirus. The second wave of the coronavirus has engulfed the country and Pakistan is still in process of getting COVID-19 vaccine to get things going on abd in the meantime alternative solution needs to be sought, which is why finding an other ways for cinema revival is pivotal.

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The option of drive-in cinemas has been given a well thought, and now on December 18, 2020, Jazz, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and the Active Marketing Agency will be partnering to open a drive-in cinema in Islamabad. The announcement was made during a joint news conference conducted in Islamabad.

The open-air cinema will be set up along Islamabad Highway in the Parade Ground and will be open to the general public beginning next week on 18 December. Furthermore, similar implementations will be introduced in main cities such as Lahore and Karachi to set up four drive-in cinemas nationally if this pilot project proves successful.

According to reports the drive-in cinemas will be running from Friday to Sunday, three days a week with shows to be shown at 5:30 PM. Payments will be made online via e-payment systems, and Jazz will also offer a limited time 50 percent cashback on tickets and food at the open-air cinema to promote digital payments.

Under present circumstances, drive-in cinema has become the only secure source of entertainment, according to Jazz Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Asif Aziz. Capital Development Authority’s spokesperson said similarly that drive-in cinemas would provide entertainment for movie enthusiasts and families who have been trapped at home because of the coronavirus pandemic for months.

In addition to this, the spokesperson also clarified that Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) would be followed to prevent the spread of deadly virus.

The open-air cinema will be a classic example of adopting to a new environment. During these difficult times, it is bound to be an event that the masses would enjoy.

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