Feroze Khan first trolled and then appreciated Kangana Ranaut & now everyone’s confused

Feroze Khan Kangana Ranaut

Feroze Khan first trolled Kangana Ranaut for her upcoming film poster and then appreciated her for her statements and that has confused many people.

The anti-Pak attitude of the actress continues to feed the antagonism reflected in the statements issued by her. In an attempt to support the claims by BJP, the ruling party of India, Kangana frequently drags Pakistan and tries to spread hate across this side of the border. Kangana has also supported the ban of Pakistani celebrities from the Bollywood and she frequently, out of no reason, brings Pakistan into the scene and unnecessarily accuses the country of being involved in the internal affairs of the Indian state.

After all this hatred drama, Momina Mustehsan recently dragged Kangana for her anti-Pakistan rhetoric and taunted her on twitter and many Pakistanis appreciated Momina for such post.

Moreover, Feroze Khan also spoke and trolled Kangna for her new movie poster which showed her dressed up in Indian Air Force gear in front of an airplane. But then Feroze appreciated Ms Ranaut for her statements and implied that he’s inspired by her to do the same for his country.

He also said that standing strong and fearlessly for your opinion and right is a courageous step and Kangana had been doing this since long from the very initial stage of her career. He praised her and said he will do the same for his country and his rights and that he did not care about what others think.

Feroze Khan posted on Twitter, praising Kangana Ranaut, “Lol she is not mental. She has a whole lot of gut and balls for what she thinks is right, unlike many others …. she calls out people for doing wrong to weak Nd innocent fearlessly she stands for her country without letting an apportunity go. This everyone should do.”

He added, “and that’s what I am now about to do at the cost of anything I will fight for what I think is right… I don’t care who thinks what”.

Meanwhile, people are now confused and giving remarks, “You have a point Feroze. Meanwhile our artists talk about art not having any boundaries when it comes to their Indian counterparts meanwhile hating on a Turkish actress.”

Another person remarked, “She is not mental. She definitely is an attention seeker though.” Also, “But there is thin line bet. Going over nuts or have a point to raise your voice. One shouldn’t cross that.”

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