Fatima Bintay Salman, a 13-year-old, wrote 4 books during lockdown

Fatima Bintay Salman

A 13 year old girl, Fatima Bintay Salman, has published her 4 books during lockdown, her passion of writing has made her popular in literature field. 

Everyone had been in quarantine for at least a year, 70 percent of Pakistanis faced difficulties amid pandemic crisis. This lockdown-induced anxiety has surely affected the creativity of people. Some lost their jobs, some faced drastic effects over their business activities, and meanwhile some availed this quarantine in an effective way like Fatima, belong from Karachi.

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She is of 8th standard student with a wonderful creative mind. Last year, around March during lockdown, in her 12 years of age, she published her first book ‘Finding‘. The book was published on a platform called ‘Wattpad’. Wattpad is an esteemed online publishing platform for writers from around the world. 

Her four books has been published since then. Her most of the books are based on teen-fiction and her books are for all ages. Fatima Bintay Salman plans on publishing even more. 

Writing was her hobby however later as she started writing on Wattpad, she quickly made an audience for herself. Most of her readers belong to USA, UK, Australia, India and Pakistan. Her most popular work ‘The Journey of a Broken Heart‘ (published at the age of 12) has more than 11,000 reads and more than 2200 comments and votes. She has more than 580 people following on her Wattpad profile.  

Earlier, she was interviewed on Wattpad to talk about her books and her writing journey. ‘The Journey of a Broken Heart, has also won the award of ‘The Best On-going Story’ on the platform. 

This Pakistani girl has made her name in a very small age, her school has also appreciated her accomplishments. They have posted about them on the school website and social media page. 

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