Chicken Biryani

Esra Bilgic exhibits her love for Pakistani Chicken Biryani

Esra Bilgic Chicken Biryani

Esra Bilgic the Turkish actress and the leading character in Dirilis Ertugrul tasted many different desi Pakistani dishes and singled out Chicken Biryani as the best one.

Esra Belgic who plays Halima Hatun in the hit Turkish Series is undoubtedly the crush of Pakistanis and now she has started working with Pakistani brands and her many TV commercials are out. However, Pakistan’s top telecom company Jazz made a video where she was presented top Pakistani dishes one after another and was asked to choose any one dish that she likes the most.

Soon her mukbang video of eating different dishes of Pakistani cuisine went viral where she is seen trying to pronounce the dishes names too. She was served various dishes including Chicken Karahi, Dall Chawal, Gol Gappay, Jalebi and Chicken Biryani, all of which she found much spicy except Jalebi. However, the actress chose ‘Chicken Biryani’ as the number one.

In the video, Esra says “Hi guys, I am Esra. Today I am going to try top Pakistani dishes to pick my number 1 Pakistani dish. Let’s get started.”
Then she was served with Pulao first for which she said, “Hmm delicious. It’s good, yummy. Yeah. But it’s so hot, so spicy.” Then she was served with Chicken Karahi and said, “Chicken Karahi is the next one.” Tears were almost in her eyes after trying this dish. She was next served Gol Gappay, Daal Chawal, Jalebi, and lastly Biryani, but Esra Bilgic picked chicken biryani as the best.

After praising “Jalebi”, she highly admired Chicken Biryani taste and said she now understood why everyone likes it. She said, “It’s delicious. Wow. I like it. It’s my number 1, I think. Yup. Yeah, it’s my number 1.”

At the end of the video, Esra says, ‘Guys, I have tried all the dishes. Chicken biryani is the best without a doubt.”

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