England made face masks compulsory on public transport from June 15

face masks in public transport

England made it compulsory to wear face masks and gloves for all public transport users starting from June 15 after the lockdown in-place due to pandemic coronavirus was lifted. All passengers have to wear personal protective equipment, which includes facemask along with gloves as protection not for themselves but for others also.

The British Transport Police is the one who will make sure citizens follow the new standard operating procedures which came from government officials. The Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps said in a briefing session that there are some persons who are exempted to follow these guidelines such as children, elderly, or those who have breathing problems.

In order to control the movement of people and the reduction of the crowd while coming back from work, public transport capacity is being increased with more buses and trains.

Grant Shapps also admitted the fact that it’s not always possible to remain in a safe distance from the other person. Those who can work from home must continue to work from home for safety measures. Volunteers will be also there on metro stations distributing face masks if someone doesn’t have one.

Now, after England made it compulsory to wear face masks, if someone is not wearing a face mask then that person might be fined. He also added that you cannot travel if you are not wearing a face mask.

At the moment the UK is sitting at number four spot in coronavirus cases, there are 289,140 total coronavirus cases reported in the UK and 40,883 people died so far.

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