District admin active to control dengue virus

control dengue virus

Deputy Commissioner Lahore, Capt (r) Anwar ul Haq has taken over the command of indoor dengue surveillance activity to control the dengue virus.

The DC visited many areas including Rehamatabad and went inside some houses to check the sanitation conditions. He took serious notice of the likely production of dengue larvae due to the apparent bad sanitation conditions.

He instructed the residents and the staff of the health department to make sure no enabling environment is provided for the dengue larvae to hatch. Mosquito larvae hatch from the eggs and the larvae are aquatic, meaning that they live in the water so maintaining proper sanitation can help in killing larvae at the early stage.

Additional Deputy Commissioner, Maham Asif Malik and the senior officials of the health department also accompanied him. Deputy Commissioner inquired the people of the performance of the teams, working to control the dengue virus. He told the people that the district administration is taking all possible steps to stop both the dengue virus and coronavirus from spreading.

Strict action will be taken against all those who do not cooperate to control the virus. Deputy Commissioner furthers said that despite, coronavirus and lockdown, efforts to control dengue continue. The teams working to control the dengue virus are also being monitored by the third party.

People expressed their feeling of satisfaction and thanked the district administration for taking the appropriate step in time and said that if these activities are continued, the district would be saved from the destruction dengue virus.

Dengue is nothing new in Pakistan as it appears every year. Many people get infected from it but the fear is that in the distressing year of 2020 the country is already facing coronavirus and now the eruption of dengue virus will add insult to injury and further overwhelm the already occupied healthcare services.

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