Dense fog affects flight operations at Lahore airport

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Due to severe fog, flight operations at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International airport remained hampered on Wednesday, with numerous planes being rerouted to Islamabad. 

The flights were redirected because the runway visibility had decreased to 500 metres. Many in and outbound flights were postponed due to the fog.

The air traffic controller diverted a Najaf-bound flight of private airline IF-341 to Islamabad after it was denied permission to land at Lahore airport (ATC). PA-413, a flight from Sharjah, was also denied permission to land in Lahore and was redirected to Islamabad. 

International flight QR-621 from Doha coming to Lahore has been delayed due to bad weather conditions at the airport. PK-789 coming from Toronto to Lahore, Istanbul-bound PIA’s flight PK-715 from Allama Iqbal airport were also delayed owing to foggy conditions.

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Ras Al-Khaimah-bound flight G9-853 from Lahore and G9-852 coming to Lahore from Ras Al-Khaimah are also facing delays.

Furthermore, Qatar Airways flight QR-620 bound for Istanbul from Lahore has also been delayed. three Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flights were also cancelled due to dense fog, he informed.

PK-302 Karachi-Lahore and PIA’s PK-303 flight from Karachi to Lahore were also cancelled. 

Various cities in Punjab, including Lahore, have been covered in dense fog, disrupting daily life and hampering road and air transportation. 

Due to poor visibility, the Motorway M2 section between Lahore and Pindi Bhattian, the Motorway M3 from Faizpur to Samundri, the Motorway M11 from Mahmood Botti to Sambrial, and the Jhangra Interchange on the Motorway M5 have been closed to all traffic. 

Meanwhile, the highway police have encouraged drivers to turn on their fog lights when travelling at a modest speed because visibility has been reduced owing to intense fog. 

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