Daraz breaks 11.11 record, serving 14 million e-commerce shoppers

Daraz 11.11

Daraz, the major e-commerce marketplace in South Asia, has revealed an 11.11 breaking record, having more than 14 million e-commerce consumers visiting the application in its five key countries – Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar – play the largest role in the biggest international shopping day. 

Almost 10 million US Dollar products were traded in the first hour, an upsurge of more than 150 percent on transactions last year. 

Bjarke Mikkelsen, the CEO, and Founder of Daraz said, “We are delighted with at the moment’s outcomes. It emphasizes the strength of our market as customers trust the quality of the products they buy in Daraz, and shows how SMEs are able to turn online power into their business.”

“It has also been encouraging to see more users from cities and towns across all five of our markets buying and selling different products on our platform. This shows how e-commerce is accessible to everyone in the region,” he further said. 

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The beginning order of 11.11 was supplied at 6.05 am this morning and 250,000 items have been transported to waiting customers. 

“For this year’s sale of 11.11, we are very focused on bringing the latest, innovative and personalized customer experience. Although sales numbers are important, I am very happy with the positive feedback we have received on user information,” said Mikkelsen. 

Ehsan Saya, Managing Director, Daraz Pakistan, told, “It is humbling to have such an amazing and loving response from our prospects. It indicates that customers are flocking in the direction of online buying and we are thrilled that we’ll be preserving with the 11.11 sale for the coming 10 days so extra customers and sellers throughout Pakistan can profit. 

At the end of this prolific occasion, Daraz will deliver 11.11 beloved themes to its consumers in the next coming 10 days – each day pleasing e-commerce consumers to focus on the theme and appreciate some of the great deals they haven’t missed. 

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