Covid vaccine to be administered ‘free of charge’ in Pakistan

Covid vaccine free Pakistan

The rumors of free of charge vaccine have been come out to be the truth. Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Dr. Faisal Sultan made it clear that Covid-19 vaccine will be purchased by the Pakistan government and its use will be free of cost.

On Wednesday, Dr. Faisal Sultan announced this news according to which Covid-19 vaccine will be purchased by Pakistan and its use will be free of cost. According to the data released by the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC), the fatalities toll from the coronavirus jumped more than 100 for the first time in five months.

“The government has initiated working on multiple aspects related to purchase of the vaccine in the country,” he said while addressing a media briefing at NCOC.

Dr. Sultan said that an effective immunization system, side-effects of the vaccine, and ensuring a strong information technology system for the COVID-19 vaccine are the major part of the discussion. He added that further information on the data would soon be revealed regarding the availability of the virus’s vaccine.

He said the vaccine purchase matters had also been discussed with the provinces. He also revealed that a specific amount has been allocated for the purchase of Covid-19 vaccine and dispelled the impression that private sector will soon start purchasing vaccine.

The Doctor also made other known that the case positivity ratio remained 7% to 8% in various major cities while it was 19% in Karachi during last 24 hours.

Then he advised to follow SOPs, “We can save precious lives including those of our near and dear ones by taking preventive measures.” Dr. Faisal said, adding, “COVID-19 is a deadly virus but we can control it just as we did control it by following the SOPs during the first wave.”

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