COVID-19 Vaccine Prices Revealed From Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca

COVID-19 Vaccine

As more Covid-19 vaccine trials wrap up, the prices from some top makers are also revealed and it is now becoming clear how much these vaccines will cost. Many countries will pay for the first batch of select vaccines, however, it is yet to be determined who will be eligible to receive free doses and how much out-of-pocket costs people will have to incur.

It is relevant to mention here that for any vaccine to be registered and marketed, its testing success rate should be more than 90%.

Pfizer: $20 per dose

Pfizer will likely be the first COVID-19 vaccine to reach the market. The company submitted the FDA application for emergency use authorization on Friday.

The first 100 million doses are pre-ordered by the U.S. government under Operation Warp Speed. The wholesale price negotiated in the government contract is $20 per dose.

Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine requires two doses, given three weeks apart. The company estimates that about 15 million to 20 million people will be vaccinated in the first six months once delivery begins.

Moderna: $10 to $50 per dose

On Sunday, Moderna CEO Stephen Bancel told German newspaper Welt am Sonntag that the company will charge governments between $10 and $50 per dose.

The U.S. has secured 100 million doses for Americans at the cost of $15 per dose. The European Union is reportedly negotiating a deal to keep the per-dose price under $25.

This vaccine will likely be pricier for retail customers after government programs phase out as it may be sold for $32 to $37 per dose for some customers.

AstraZeneca: under $4 per dose

The per-dose price at which the U.S. government has agreed to purchase the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is under $4. On Monday, AstraZeneca said it will provide vaccines at cost “in perpetuity” to low- and middle-income countries in the developing world.

AstraZeneca is a member of Covax, a global initiative aiming to distribute two billion vaccine doses to 92 low- and middle-income countries at no more than $3 a dose.

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