COVID-19 SOPs: Indoor weddings banned across Pakistan by NCOC


National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) has issued new SOPs for the marriage ceremonies to stem the spread of COVID-19. According to new SOPs:

  • The marriages would not be held in a closed atmosphere rather an open place will have to be selected for the marriage ceremonies, consultation of the local health department/authorities will be a must. 
  • Any sort of carpet would not be allowed in the function. 
  • There will be a distance of 6 feet among the guests, marrying couple and their families would not be allowed to receive the guests in a traditional way i.e., shaking hands or hugging.  
  • According to the NCOC, guests of the marriages will be screened on daily basis.  
  • Use of cloth towel will be banned instead, paper made towel will be used.  
  • The place of the function would be fully disinfected along with items like cameras, mobile phones, and vehicles.  
  • The existence of soaps and sanitizers will be a must at the ceremonial place.  
  • The fever of every guest will be checked.  
  • The organizer/ host will be responsible for getting the NCOC issued SOPs implemented. He will also be responsible for the provision of masks and sanitizers to the guests and guests too will be bound to wear the masks.  
  • With reference to the foods in the function, it has been decided by the National Command and Control Authority, that only table service or lunch boxes will be allowed for the guests.  
  • The time of the marriage function will be only two hours and 10 pm will be the last moment of the marriage ceremonies.  

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New SOPs issued by NCOC will no doubt be helpful in controlling the spreading corona in the country but this is not sufficient. Some SOPs for markets and hotels should also be formulated as these two places are strong sources of the aggravating condition of corona in the country.

Hardly a few people at these places are found with masks on their faces, shaking hands and hugging has become the matter of routine again. These two important places need the attention of NCOC on an urgent basis to control the virus spread in Pakistan. 

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