COVID-19 infected patients most found in South Punjab

South Punjab

South Punjab has reported most coronavirus cases; it has the highest recovery ratio across the province especially in three major districts while only Gujranwala has the lowest cases recorded in this region.

Recovery ratio in Bahawalnagar is 87.2 percent, Muzaffargarh has a recovery ratio of 97.7 percent, Dera Ghazi Khan has 80.2 percent, Bhakkar has 82.7 percent and Gujranwala has 19.2 percent of recoveries because of the lowest number of cases in the city. Three South Punjab district has so far not reported any death of a virus-infected patient in spite of many patients admitted in quarantine centers and hospitals.

But, an alarming situation shows that the death rate in the megacities in the province is high and the recovery rate is extremely low. Lahore has reported 69 deaths and 26.7 percent of recoveries only while, Multan has 36 deaths and 36 percent of recoveries, and Faisalabad has reported 13 death with 26.3 percent of recoveries.

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