Lockdown a temporary solution to Covid-19 crisis: Imran Khan


On Monday, Imran Khan the PM of the country said that lockdown is a temporary way to control the spread of coronavirus, and therefore starting from yesterday government announced easing down the restrictions.

The number of coronavirus cases currently stands at 32,674 with 724 deaths. Despite such alarming conditions, the lockdown has been eased because it was recognized internationally that lockdown is not the permanent solution of crisis but it is a temporary one. Lockdown lifted for the sake of poor people and daily wage workers to let the wheel of the economy move, precautionary measures have been imposed to control the rise in the virus in the country.

Lifting the restrictions was announced on Thursday and Monday was the first day of opening up small markets, offices, and other businesses. However, people ignored the government’s SOPs on the very first day and even on the second day of the opening of lockdown, today 1,733 new cases have been diagnosed, 57 have died within 24 hours.

Further in the meeting PM also discussed the issue of the unavailability of ventilators for coronavirus infected patients and he directed the concerned authorities to ensure the availability of ventilators for chronic patients.

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