Coronavirus: Businesses reopened, roads overcrowded


On the 70th day of smart lockdown in the twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad, shopping malls and markets are opened, offices reopened and trade activities have been started. However, picnic points, parks and marriage halls are still closed. Metro bus service also remained closed.

Massive traffic jams were witnessed on the roads of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi as business activities reopened. Courts also became operational and the educational institutions will be opened with limited staff without the teaching activities. Medical stores are allowed to continue their operation for 24 hours. Grocery stores, meat and chicken shops, vegetables/fruits, and milk shops also remained open.

Hotels and restaurants were also opened with the permission of selling through, delivery, take away and parcels only.

Police and other law enforcement agencies are on the alert to keep an eye on the observance of the social distancing and other activities, relating to the coronavirus. Double riding motorbikes was prohibited which was observed in general.

District administration and health department joint disinfected 235 places in Rawalpindi. It is observed that people, in general, are not following the SOPs regarding coronavirus, especially in the markets and public transports.

Till now 89,249 cases have been diagnosed and 1,838 people have died. The daily reported cases throughout the last week remained more than 4,000 and only yesterday 4,801 cases were reported which is the highest so far in Pakistan. According to the report, if cases keep increasing the government may again impose a lockdown. It is also expected that the cases may peak at the end of this month.

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