Chrome Wants to Make It Easier to Reset Compromised Passwords

Chrome Reset Compromised Passwords

Taking a cue from Apple, Google plans to incorporate the security feature from Safari and iCloud keychain in Chrome that will permit the users to reset compromised passwords comparatively easy. Google is planning on to unveil a new feature and roll it out to Chrome 86. Apple has reportedly been using this feature since 2018 in the Safari Web browser and iCloud Keychain.

A recent report by Bleeping Computer revealed that Google has initiated the working on the technique which will let users to know and swiftly change their saved credentials, such as Username and Passwords, when they are compromised.

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Google is searching to offer a website in Chrome to reset compromised passwords with a system to declare the altered password pages. The data from these pages will be used to speed up the procedure in order to jump on password change pages and immediately update the credentials if a data breach has occurred. The requirement for declaring a change password URL has already been established by Apple and now Google is planning to create the same.

Ali Sarraf a Product Manager at Google wrote regarding this, “Chrome will leverage this change password URL to help users easily change their weak/compromised passwords following a bulk password check (Desktop, Android, iOS). We want to ship this to 100% in M86”.

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The new algorithm will be instigated on top of Chrome’s current Check Password feature that shows a Change Password button after it comes to knowledge that the password has been compromised.

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