Chitral emerges as the most popular destination for foreign tourists

Chitral foreign tourists

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) has become the top most attractive destination point for five million domestic and foreign tourists during 11 months, with Lower Chitral welcoming most of the foreigners, regardless of the Covid-19 fears and limitations imposed on traveling, K-P Culture and Tourism Authority (CTA) officials said. 

According to the experts, foreign tourism could be stimulated further if peace is made sure along with infrastructure development, like the building of roads and restoration of the transport system. 

The province has received a huge number of tourists, both local and foreign, from August 2021 to June 2022. 

Around 2, 250 foreign tourists and 5.29 million domestic visitors visited the province as recorded by the CTA. 

Moreover, K-PCTA is trying its best to improve various hill stations in KP which has boosted the tourism sector as compared to previous years. 

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Being peaceful and serene, the Lower Chitral district has fascinated the maximum chunk of foreign sightseers approximately 945 to be precise — whereas Galiyat welcomed the largest number of domestic tourists pegged at 2.85 million. 

District Chitral has a sound reputation for being serene where the crime rate at times comes to almost nil and also citizens there has linguistic diversity who can speak about 23 different languages. 

Furthermore, Lower Chitral is home to the ancient Kalash culture and visitors from every part of the earth come to witness the unique lifestyle, round-the-year festivals and colorful, attractive traditions of the people attired in the most eye-catching tribal costumes. 

While speaking to the media, the CTA officials Tribune said that they are now working on creating tourism police, tourism spots in the merged tribal areas, and installing of sophisticated camping pods. 

They further said that the leasing procedure of all the government rest-houses has been started in order to facilitate tourism. 

The tourism sector has always demonstrated itself as the main catalyst in portraying the soft image of our country. Pakistan enjoys great importance in the world with respect to tourism as it has upgraded its ranking from 89th in 2019 to 83th in 2022 on the International Travel and Tourism Development Index (ITTD). 

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