Changan Pakistan increased Alsvin by Rs 75,000 and Karvaan by Rs 130,000

Changan Pakistan

The 2022 has brought a whole new surge of vehicle price hikes, fueled by the government’s mini-increased budget’s duties and taxes, and Changan Pakistan is the latest to announce price hikes, which will take effect on January 22.

The Alsvin 1.3-liter MT’s price has increased by Rs. 65,000, while the 1.5-liter DCT’s price has increased by Rs. 70,000. Among the Alsvin models, the top trim 1.5-liter DCT Lumiere has had the biggest hike of Rs. 75,000.

The Alsvin 1.3-liter manual now costs Rs. 2,489,000, while the 1.5-liter DCT costs Rs. 2,744,000. The DCT Lumiere model, which is the most expensive in the Alsvin series, is now available for Rs. 2,939,000.

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Similarly, Changan Pakistan has also increased the prices of the Karvaan and Karvaan Plus. Karvaan has seen a rise of Rs. 120,000 and Karvaan Plus Rs. 130,000.

Changan’s Karvaan Standard minivan has a new price tag of Rs. 1,794,000, while the Karvaan Plus has a new price tag of Rs. 1,944,000.

Furthermore, according to the updated price list, the Changan M9 pickup is now available for Rs. 1,509,000.

The recent price hikes will undoubtedly damage Changan car sales, as the famed Alsvin can no longer be described as a bargain sedan, and the DCT Lumiere option is now reaching Rs. 3 million.

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