Changan car prices get a huge hike

Changan prices

Following in the footsteps of KIA, Changan car prices have skyrocketed significantly. This seemingly inevitable price rise appears to be unstoppable, with no quick comfort for customers.

Every automobile maker in Pakistan has raised its pricing several times in the previous several years, making a new car out of reach for the middle and upper-middle class buyers.

The new prices will take effect on April 19, 2022, according to Changan Master Motor.

Changan Alsvin Prices 

These are Changan Alsvin’s updated rates following the recent hike:

• Alsvin Manual Comfort, has witnessed a price increase of Rs. 280,000, costing Rs. 2,769,000. And meanwhile, it has made a down payment of Rs. 550,000.

• Alsvin DCT Comfort has seen a price rise of Rs. 280,000, bringing the new price to Rs. 3,024,000, up from Rs. 2,744,000. This variant requires a down payment of Rs. 650,000.

• The third variant, Alsvin DCT Lumiere, has a new price of Rs. 3,219,000, up from Rs. 2,939,000, indicating a Rs. 280,000 rise. The down payment on this car is also Rs. 650,000.

Changan Karvaan New Prices

The following are the updated prices for Changan’s MPV: • The first variant, Karvaan Standard now costs Rs. 2,069,000, an increase of Rs. 275,000.

• Karvaan Plus, which witnessed a price increase of Rs. 275,000, bringing it to Rs. 2,219,000 from Rs. 1,944,000.

• Both options require a down payment of Rs. 425,000.

Changan M9 Sherpa New Rate

• The new price of the M9 Sherpa is Rs. 1,784,000, the previous price was Rs. 1,509,000, which is a difference of Rs. 275,000.

• This vehicle has a down payment of Rs. 350,000.

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