Center, provinces and NDMA briefs Supreme Court on corona suo moto action

Supreme Court

The Federal government, Provincial governments, and NDMA have submitted the reports at Supreme Court regarding corona suo moto action.

The federal government took the stand that it does want to put unnecessary restrictions on the masses. In the National Coordination Committee, it has been decided to open the markets for seven days after the instructions of the Supreme Court.

The care program has been started for the safety of health workers. A 200-bed hospital is being established in Islamabad. The federal government is trying to implement SOPs strictly. NDMA stated that on 5 June, orders for the purchase of 1473 ventilators were placed out which, 341 have been received, 245 will be received by 15 June, and remaining will be received by 30 July. Additionally, 30 portable and 240 high peep ventilators will also be available.

Testing capabilities in the country have raised to the extent of 100% and it has reached the figure of 30,360. China has donated 4 million dollars or the construction of a 252-bed, Isolation Hospital and Infectious Disease Centre in the federal capital, which is now operational. 

The government of Punjab mention in the report, submitted at Supreme Court on corona suo moto action that on the instructions of the Supreme Court, shopping malls and plazas are opened and the salaries along with the arrears have been paid to the sanitary workers.

Punjab government also updated SC on locust situation and told that locust had become a great threat to agriculture all over the country. It has effected 3 lac squire kilometer area and Punjab’s 15% area has been affected by this. It seems impossible to stop it with its increasing growth. 5 aircraft, 50 spray machines, and 50 entomologists are ungently required.

KPK government stated in the report that its testing capacity is 2860 out of which 1710 are done government hospitals while 1150 are done private laboratories, 3861 patients have gone back to their homes from quarantine centers.  

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