Cement Sector Records Highest Ever Monthly Despatches in October

Cement October

Amid the economic revival, the cement sector has touched a record peak in October as mills dispatched 5.735 million tons to consumers.

According to the Cement manufacturing association, there has been an increase in the sale of cement during the month of October 2020. The raise was 15.83%, in tonnage which comes to 4.850 million tons while the export of the cement also increased to the extent of 11.58%, in tonnage it is 875,255 tons. Last year, in the same month, this figure was 784,433 tons.

In the north region, the sale of cement increased during October this year, the quantity of which is 4.165 million tons while last year in the same month, 3.605 million tons cement was sold in this region. The export of the cement, manufactured by the cement factories of the north region also went up to the extent of 8.54%. 0.283 tons of cement was exported in October 2020 while last year during this period, that was 0.261 million tons.

In the South region too, there has been an increase in the sale of cement. The increase in this region was 17.70% and the total sale in tonnage was 695221 tons whereas, in October, last year, total sale in the South region was 590,690 tons. The export of cement in this region also increased to the extent of 13.09%. 591,877 tons of cement was exported from the factories of the South region in October.

During the period from July to October 2020, the total sale of cement was 16.116 million tons which are 19.89% higher than the sale during the same period last year. The local sale of cement during this period was 15.704 million tons which were 13.315 million tons last during this period. The export of the cement in this period was 3.617 million tons whereas it was 2.8 million tons last year during this period.

The spokesman of All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association said that there could be more increase in the total sale if the government reduces the taxes, duties, and excise duty. The spokesman said that there could be an addition in the government revenues if the taxes are reduced as due to the reduction in the taxes, the total sale of the cement would increase which will cause the addition in government revenues.

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