Celebrities extend support to #Mask4AllPakistan initiative


Pakistan’s entire entertainment industry united in the campaign; #Mask4AllPakistan amid the coronavirus pandemic.

#Mask4All is a global program that has helped as an awareness program in the wake of coronavirus spread, fortunately, Pakistani celebrities are also now taking part in a localized #Mask4AllPakistan awareness campaign that has united the entertainment industry.

This movement was formally launched by Shibli Faraz, the Federal Minister of Information. The program was launched nationwide this week with a never seen before public-private partnership. It leads all mainstream Pakistani celebrities to extend support.

CAP (Chain Association of Pakistan) and its member’s brands came forwards to help Pakistan fight COVID-19 and assured to donate 5 million cotton masks. Approximately 200 Pakistani leading retail brands came together for philanthropic services due to CAP collaboration.

By this collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, this initiative will launch the global #Mask4All campaign in Pakistan under the #Mask4AllPakistan. This movement will work together to manufacture and donate cotton masks through the distribution partner; an initiative of Zaman Foundation, and SabSaath.org.

This program is a worldly grassroots campaign to show the ways of producing cotton or homemade face masks by the governments of South Korea, Hong Kong, Austria, and Japan and that these masks are proven to be helpful in controlling the spread of coronavirus quickly.

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