COVID-19: Pakistan sends medical supplies to the United States

medical supplies

Pakistan gifted personal medical supplies that included PPE, masks and coveralls to the USA to fight against COVID-19.

The medical supplies were gifted to the United States by Pakistan to show friendship and solidarity in order to fight coronavirus. According to the details, the equipment was transported to the USA via Air Force C-130 plane of Pakistan and the plane landed at the Andrews Air Base in Washington DC with 100,000 protective masks and 25,000 coveralls gifted by Pakistan to the United States.

Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense and other US staff received surgical masks and along with protective suits and PPE.  Ambassador of the United states Asaf Majeed Khan and another staff of the Pakistan embassy was also there.

According to data collected from official sources, coronavirus cases got doubled in a month and the death toll has reached 360,000 mark worldwide. The USA has undoubtedly suffered the most and the death tally has crossed 100,000 mark and a large number of people are fighting with coronavirus. In this critical condition, Pakistan proved its friendship.

Brazil has the third-highest number of cases in the world after Russia and USA While, Chile, Mexico, and Lima have also seen the increase in infection.

Nurses in the US are warning that the health system that is on the brink of collapse after a large number of cases as the death toll has tripled over the past three weeks. According to nurses, it seems like the cemetery because patients are dying in their wheelchairs or chairs. Everywhere is a horrible condition.

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