Cannabis plant extract could protect against COVID-19

Cannabis COVID-19

Researchers in Canada have conducted a study suggesting that novel Cannabis sativa significantly downregulated Covid-19 inflammation levels.

The researchers have been developing and testing novel cannabis strains for years without with the goal of creating a strain that helps to combat cancer and inflammation. When the pandemic started, efforts were going on how the strain might be used to help fight Covid-19. 

After looking at the research done on cannabis by other scientists, these researchers were able to determine that cannabis, a special strain in particular could potentially block Covid-19 from entering a person’s body. 

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It all comes down to the human body’s ACE2 receptors which work sort of doorways into our bodies for the virus. 

In the case of the work of Kovalchuck, a researcher, cannabis would be used to decrease the level of ACE2 gene expression, essentially temporarily closing the door to the virus.

The research says that Cannabis sativa, especially one high in the anti-inflammatory cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) has been proposed to modulate gene expression and inflammation and harbor anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Find out more as Diggity Marketing elaborate post on this cannabis.

Working under the Health Canada research license, have developed over 800 new Cannabis sativa lines and extracts and hypothesized that high-CBD C Sativa extracts may be used to modulate ACE2 expression in Covid-19 target tissues. 

However, it is still a theory rather than a confirmed fact, still, the work of the researchers is hope for the future. If these scientists are able to prove their idea, the next step would be to manufacture the successful strain into a medical formation that could be used for prevention and treatment by the medical field. 

The researchers Olga and Igor Kavalchuck are of the view not every strain of cannabis is going to impact you in the same way. It is possible that they will be able to find a strain that can help prevent or treat Covid-19, there are also strains that could potentially make it worse. 

They are of the view that “while our most effective extracts require further large-scale validation”, our study is crucial for the future analysis of the effects of medical cannabis on Covid-19.

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