BMW unveils iX Flow car with E Ink that can change colour in seconds

iX Flow

At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) the German automobile giant BMW revealed the world’s first colour changing car iX Flow in Las Vegas.

The company uses electronic ink technology in order to transform the exterior of the car into grey and white colour.

“Using the technology E Ink, this is an extremely energy efficient colour change,” BMW research engineer Stella Clarke explained. “So, we took this material – it’s like thick paper – and our challenge was to get it onto a three-dimensional item like our automobiles.”

The substance brings changing pigments to the surface when stimulated by electrical signals controlled by a phone app, causing the car to take on a distinct tint or design, such as racing stripes.

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Modifications would be handled by a button on the dashboard or even hand gestures in the future, according to Clarke.

According to BMW, no energy is required to retain the colour selected by the driver of the iX Flow concept.

“My favourite application is using colour to alter sunshine reflections,” Clarke added. “You could change the colour white to reflect sunlight on a hot, sunny day.” You may turn it dark on a cold day to absorb the heat.”

Meanwhile, while BMW has not yet revealed intentions to include the technology into its actual fleet, the company is working on adapting it for various aspects of the vehicle, including the interior. Future uses, according to the business, may include a color-changing dashboard that does not overheat and a flashing exterior that can help the driver locate their vehicle.

During the CES, the BMW highlighted that the company will not only stick to the grey and white color, but technology will be upgraded to encompass a wider range of colours.

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