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Bilquis Edhi shortlisted for ‘Person of Decade’ title

Bilquis Edhi

Bilquis Edhi has been shortlisted for the prestigious title ‘Person of the Decade’ by an international organisation ‘Impact Hallmarks’ for philanthropy and humanitarian work.

Bilquis Bano Edhi, widow of Abdul Sattar Edhi, a philanthropist and humanitarian has been shortlisted by Impact Hallmarks, among other 20 persons.

The statement issued by the Edhi Foundation Pakistan revealed that the humanitarian from Pakistan, Bilquis Bano Edhi, is one of the finalists on the 20-person list which contains personalities from over 190 countries who are known for having far-extending impacts in diverse fields and extents of human accomplishments.

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While, according to Edhi Foundation and SAARC-ASEAN Post-Doctoral Academia Directorate, Impact Hallmarks is currently carrying out an online opinion poll for a global audience, to vote for the “Person of Decade”, based upon the impact value the person holds.

The readers/ audience may participate in the poll process by visiting the ‘www.impacthallmarks.org‘ website and selecting the persons of their choice.

Bilquis Edhi stands among the finalists that are the qualified contenders from well over 190 countries. She has been shortlisted for the prestigious title ‘Person of the Decade’, while Prof Yanghee Lee also appears to be another main contestant for highlighting the issue of the Rohingyas.

She is a professional nurse and one of the most active philanthropists in Pakistan along with serving as co-chair of Edhi Foundation. She has been named The Mother of Pakistan.

Bilquis Edhi received the 1986 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public Service. The charity, she runs, has saved over 42,000 unwanted babies so far. She was also awarded the prestigious ‘Hilal-e-Imtiaz’, and she is the recipient of several other awards too.

Moreover, for the Discoveries category, the scientific discovery of Magneto Hydro Tropism [MHT] has also been shortlisted for the title of ‘Bidecadal Impacts’, from over 1.6 million individuals, featuring in the internationally recognized substantial records.

Another scientific work shortlisted in the Theories category from Pakistan is a breakthrough in the field of disability prevention, the IRT Model – exploring the embryonic-iatrogenesis volatility.

The phenomenon discoveries of Boson and ‘Magneto-Hydro-Tropism’ are also under consideration.

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