Baby Shark Beats ‘Despacito’ as The Most Viewed Video on YouTube

Baby Shark

Longtime YouTube leading video “Despacito” has been dethroned by the widely shared and insanely popular children’s song ‘Baby Shark’ with over seven billion views.

The famous children’s rhyme Baby Shark dooo dooo dooo has not only been kids favorite, but it also liked by adults. If you are randomly humming the catchy song then you are not alone, as it was viewed more than 7 billion times on YouTube, beating Despacito song by Luis Fonsi.

Babies ruling the YouTube world

Baby Shark was originally produced by South Korean company Pinkfong, the English version of it managed to scale to the top of the YouTube list. Not only has the attractive Baby Shark reached the top of the YouTube chart beating Despacito but also managed to get on the Billboard Hot 100 list, where it is standing at 32nd position.

The two-minute song video features kids, animated baby sharks and fishes dancing to “Baby Shark doo doo doo doo doo”.

Released in 2016, the song featured in the video is a remake of an American camp-fire song and since the baby shark became the song of toddlers, and also used in events, themed parties and costumes.

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A remake of the baby shark doo doo dooo was also made when coronavirus hit the world. The new song rhymes as ‘wash your hands doo dooo dooo’ and since then it has been watched more than 26 million times on YouTube.

The success behind baby shark is not just its catchy rhyme but the likes of K-pop bands like Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation, and Black Pink to thank for the baby shark success.

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