Average rate of the price hike, the highest in 8 years

highest price hike

In a report, issued by the statistical division, it was manifested that during the period of PTI government, the average rate of the price hike in Pakistan has become highest in 8 years time.

During the financial year 2019-20, the average rate of price hike has been 10.74% which was 4.68% during the financial year 2017-18. In August, the rate of sugar was Rs 55.59/kg which increased to Rs 101.47, and even, at times, it touched the figure of Rs 103/kg.

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According to the report, from August 2018 to November 2020, the rates of pulse mash increased to Rs 102/kg, pulse red lentils increased to Rs 47/kg, pulse yellow lentils increased to Rs 119/kg, dal Chana increased to Rs 26/kg, mutton increased to Rs 203/kg and beef increased to Rs 98/kg. During the 800 days of the present government, the price of flour also went up. The price of the flour was Rs 771/20kg bag which rose to Rs 989/20kg bag.

The statement revealed statistical division, the prices of milk rose by Rs.20/liter, the price of yogurt rose by Rs.19/liter, the rates of potatoes rose by Rs.Rs.40/kg, the price of onion rose by Rs.37/kg, the rates of rice rose by Rs.15/kg, the price of garlic rose by Rs.114/kg, the price of chicken rose by Rs.89/kg while the rate of ghee rose by Rs.160/2.5kg tin. There has the addition of Rs.72/dozens price hike of eggs.

According to the statistical division, there is the addition of Rs.3.85/unit of electricity and there has been an addition of 334% in the rates of gas and the consumer of gas have been put under the financial pressure of Rs.550 billion. From August 2018 to November 2020, the dollar’s price also went up to Rs 159 from 123.

Although, the rates of sugar and floor have come down the reduction in the price is minute as compared to the addition in the same during the last few months. The salaried class has been badly crushed by the wave of the price hike.

It is also important to note that no increase in the emoluments of the salaried class was given in this financial year. It has become extremely difficult for the common people to run the kitchen as the rates of vegetables and fruits are also touching the sky.

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