Atlas Honda increased bike prices for the seventh time this year

Atlas Honda

For the seventh time this year, Atlas Honda has raised bike prices. Prices have been raised to Rs. 6,500, and will take effect on November 1, 2021. All of the company’s bikes have had their prices raised, according to the notification. Here are the updated prices.

The Honda CD 70, one of the company’s most well-known motorcycles, has witnessed a price increase of Rs 4,000, with a new price of Rs 94,900, up from Rs 90,900 previously.

The second bike is the CD 70 Dream, which has a new price of Rs 101,500, up from Rs 97,500 previously, indicating that the manufacturer has raised the price by Rs 4,000.

The third vehicle is the Honda Pridor, which has seen a price increase of Rs 5,000, bringing it to Rs 130,500 from Rs 125,500.

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The Honda CG 125, on the other hand, has seen a price hike of Rs 5,000, with a new price of Rs 152,500, up from Rs 147,500 previously.

Meanwhile, the price of the Honda CG125 SE has been raised by Rs 5,000, bringing the new price to Rs 182,000, up from Rs 177,000 previously.

Moving on to the Honda CB 125 F, which has seen a price hike of Rs 6,500, and now costs Rs 218,500, up from Rs 212,000.

The Honda CB 150F, which has a new price of Rs 273,500, and saw an increase of Rs 6,500.

Last but not least, the Honda CB 150F Special’s price has increased by Rs 6,500 to Rs 277,500. This bike was previously priced at Rs 271,000.

New Honda Bike Prices

MotorbikeOld Price (Rs.)Revised Price (Rs.)Price Increase (Rs.)
CD 7090,90094,9004,000
CD  70 Dream97,500101,5004,000
Honda Pridor125,500130,5005,000
CG 125147,500152,5005,000
CG 125 SE177,000182,0005,000
CB 125 F212,000218,5006,500
CB 150 F267,000273,5006,500
CB 150 F SE271,000277,5006,500

This should be taken as a signal for the government to intervene and fix pricing, as it had planned to do for carmakers a few months ago.

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