New Zealand lifts lockdown, declaring the nation virus-free

New Zealand lockdown

In New Zealand, the lockdown has come to an end after the recovery of the last coronavirus patient.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern broke the news of lifting the lockdown and getting rid of coronavirus on TV. She said that she ‘did a little dance‘ out of utter excitement. She however declared that strict observance on the borders will remain there.

4 lacs and 29 thousand people have died of corona in the world. 7 million and 77 thousand are affected by the virus and 4 million have recovered so far.

USA — 791 more have died in the USA and the total number of deaths has become 1 lac and 16 thousand. Corona has been diagnosed in more than 2 million people.

Brazil — 843 people have died of the corona during the last 24 hours, the total number of cases here are 8 lac and 31 thousand, total deaths in Brazil so far have become more than 42 thousand.

Russia — During the last 24 hours, 183 people have died due to the virus and the total number of deaths is nearing the figure of 7 thousand, and affected patients are 5 lac and 20 thousand.

India — In Maharashtra, one of the states of India, the number of corona patients has crossed 1 lac, the maximum of which comes from Mumbai. The total number of deaths in India is near 8 thousand and the total number of affected patients is more than 3 lac.

UK — 202 died of corona in the last 24 hours and the total deaths here are 41 thousand and 5 hundred and the number of corona patients is 3 lac.

Italy — More than 34 thousand and 2 hundred people have died of the virus so far while the effected patients are 2 lac and 36 thousand.

Germany — 8 thousand and 8 hundred died so far while the number of affected people here is 1 lac and 87 thousand.

Saudi Arabia — 71 Masjids have been closed in the country for not acting upon the SOPs.

All highly developed and under-developed countries are still fighting this war with the increasing number of cases with no vaccine expected in the near future.

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