Areeka Haq acts in Asim Azhar’s song; Saba Qamar supports the TikTok star

Areeka Haq Saba Qamar

Areeka Haq played the lead role in Asim Azhar’s video song Tum Tum and soon the naysayers came after her trolling her and Saba Qamar came to rescue her and support her.

Areeka Haq is the most famous Pakistani TikTok teen with the second-highest number of followers. She has been the victim of trolling in social media many times before but this time many people attacked her with their harsh reactions when she acted in the video of a song.

In her recent interview in Ahsan Khan’s show, she opened up the money she earns from TikTok and that she goes to very limited TV shows after her family allows her to join.

This beautiful Pakistani TikToker is considered the queen of TikTok. She has her YouTube channel where she usually does make-up tutorials but now there is super hit Asim Azhar’s song Tum Tum featuring her as a Mean Girl.

As soon as the song was premiered people started trolling the first look of the song on social media platforms as well as Areeka Haq the main lead of the video as many objected that she was a misfit in the video.

Asim Azhar and Saba Qamar to the Rescue of Areeka Haq

When the trolling became too intense Asim had to intervene by highlighting the double standards of our people regarding mental health. He tweeted

Superstar Saba Qamar also came to the rescue of Areeka Haq and shared, “Sometimes I fail to understand why is there so much hate in our society? Why can’t we replace this ‘hate’ with ‘love’ ?Let’s all learn from this crucial time and be kind to each other because we’ve no idea what the other person is going through! PLEASE LEARN TO RESPECT”

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