Apple granted patent for socially distant group selfie software


Apple is yet again winning the race even in COVID-19 by bringing the new idea of a group selfie while maintaining the social distance from one another.

The patent of software was received from the US Patent and Trademark Office and through that patent it allows Apple to make software for a socially distant group selfie.

The working of software is very efficient as it will allow the user to invite other members to take part in a group selfie, the software will organize each and every person into a single image. The software even removes the background of members and applies the same background of the user who invited them.

One may think apple might have applied for the patent during pandemic coronavirus but it appears they have applied for the patent back in 2018 and received it on June 2nd. We are not certain of how Apple moves forward after receiving the patent but one thing is for sure that through the software Apple users can create their memories with each and every one while maintaining social distancing.

Through coronavirus, over 7 million people are infected and nearly half million death occurred up till now and there are 3.5 million people who are recovered from this virus. Tech companies are brainstorming and coming up with new ideas and tech that can make people adapt to the new world order.

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