Antigen Test requirement scrapped for travellers to Dubai from Pakistan

travellers to Dubai

The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has removed the requirement for people travelling from Pakistan to Dubai to undergo quick antigen test at airports.

Inbound travellers will no longer be subjected to a pre-departure PCR test, according to the notification.

The UAE government announced a major policy adjustment in which all travellers transiting through Dubai are not required to provide a negative PCR test, with the exception of those who must show a negative PCR upon arrival at their final destination.

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Passengers flying to Dubai from India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh are also no longer be subjected to quick antigen test. The new travel warning will go into effect on February 22.

The UAE Embassy in Islamabad overturned a decision in September last year that required Pakistanis visiting the UAE to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination certificate from the UAE Embassy before entering the country.

Pakistanis would no longer be required to carry an attested COVID-19 immunization certificate while entering the UAE, as previously stated.

“There is no need for certified COVID-19 immunization certificate for travellers travelling from Pakistan to UAE,” Hamad Obaid Ibrahim Al-Zaabi informed the reporters over the phone from Islamabad. The new decision has been communicated to Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry.”

Passengers can now travel without such “restrictions.” He continued.

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