Antibodies isolated from llama may prevent coronavirus infection

llama coronavirus

Scientists have isolated a set of promising, tiny antibodies or nanobodies against the novel coronavirus from a llama named Cormac, some of which may help prevent the infection.

The scientists of the National Institute of Health, USA are hopeful that the antibodies gained from a llama and administered via an asthma-style inhaler could be highly effective against coronavirus.

The defensive systems in the bodies of Camel or llama automatically produce antibodies to fight the diseases, however, the weight of these antibodies is ten times lighter than a human antibody.

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The antibodies are part of a long chain of proteins but they attack the virus, bacteria, etc. The llama antibodies too, work in the same way but a little bit differently. They target the prominent part of the virus.

From the llama, an animal of the camel family, two potently antibodies were neutralized, one directed against MERS and the other-directed against SARS. A small portion of the virus, a noninfectious portion of the virus was injected into the body of the llama to elicit the antibodies against the coronavirus. Once, the job was done, the sequence of antibodies raised in response to the vaccination.

Now the Nanobodies could be produced in the laboratories. Blood was not taken from the llamas continuously. Scientists have been after multiple ways of research in the quest for an effective treatment to control the coronavirus.

Antibodies gained from the llama can neutralize the coronavirus

This effort of the scientists could be highly helpful to fight against the Covid-19. Although there are many pharmaceutical companies, trying to develop the corona vaccine and some of them have succeeded but still there is a lot to be done against the Pandemic.

The developing or poor countries are facing financial issues to purchase the corona vaccine. It is required that some cheaper way of treatment of the coronavirus be discovered. The free vaccination in some developed countries have started but the people of the poor countries are still deprived of the same.

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