Amazon launches smart shopping cart to avoid long queues

Amazon smart shopping cart

E-commerce giant Amazon comes with another handy solution to solve the problem of long queues in supermarkets by introducing a smart shopping cart, called Amazon Dash Cart. The latest prototype addition of cart which was released by Amazon includes Cameras, sensors, and a high detection mode which automatically detects which commodity is going inside the cart.

The no need to wait in lines to scan the commodities is one benefit and the other exciting feature is no cashier is required, the payment will be deducted from Customer’s Amazon account. 

There is no doubt this innovation is very helpful in the supermarket segment as consumers won’t have to wait for hours during peak time to buy anything. The first sample of the shopping cart will be presented later in 2020 at the Los Angeles supermarket. After the successful outcome, Amazon will expand the smart shopping cart usage and bring it to other stores and Amazon’s Whole Foods grocery stores.

Many startups also working on same idea as Amazon smart shopping cart

Numerous startups are also working on the same idea and designed smart shopping carts but with the scanning feature. You need to scan your items while placing them into the cart and it will calculate bill while on the other hand, Amazon’s smart shopping cart does not need to scan products, just drop your items and with its quick sensors the cart will easily detect the items and add the product on your bill.

There is a small screen also attached to the cart which shows you the charged items, if you take out any item from the cart, the quick detection toll senses the activity and remove the item from your bill. 

If you are already holding anything such as your handbags and you want to place it into the cart then there is a way to inform the cart.

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