All Punjab families to get Naya Pakistan Sehat Card by March 2022

Naya Pakistan Sehat Card

The government will be launching a historic welfare project of Naya Pakistan Sehat Card from January while Sehat Card has already been provided to the individuals in DG Khan and Sahiwal divisions.

During the first level, Naya Pakistan Sehat Card programme will be in progress from Lahore and afterward the same will be initiated in 6 other divisions of Punjab, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said.

The minister informed the media that every family in the province would have a Naya Pakistan Sehat Card by March 31. He further said that every family would have access to free treatment service up to one million rupees annually against one Naya Pakistan Sehat Card adding that 30 million families and over 100 million individuals would be aided from this card.

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Moreover, Usman Buzdar called this initiative a huge step in the direction of a new Pakistan, and the fulfillment of another promise made by Prime Minister Imran Khan to the state. The current government had focused more on the health facilities as this area was badly ignored in previous regimes.

He added that the budget of the health zone was only Rs 169 billion in the previous government, whereas the incumbent government had made a considerable escalation and assigned Rs 399 billion in this sector.

Moreover, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar lamented that the Opposition was merely doing politics on non-issues as these people had no schema. There was confusion in the positions of the Opposition, and the excluded features, only to earn political distance, were complaining about the sake of criticism.

He claimed that the current government had accomplished those progressive schemes which the preceding governments could not do in years. “No one will be allowed to create hindrance in the way of development,” the CM warned.

Pakistan had got an earnest and true leader in the form of Prime Minister Imran Khan, he maintained.

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