Al-Haj Automotive increased Proton Saga and X70 prices

Al-Haj Automotive

With dollar surpassed +210 the new car prices hike is started. The first company to reveal the increased price is Proton. The Al-Haj Automotive has increased the prices of their two main locally assembled car models, Proton X70 and Proton Saga.

New Prices of Proton X70

Both X70 variants now cost Rs. 650,000 more according to the manufacturer. The Proton crossover’s revised prices are listed below.

• The Proton X70 Premium FWD variant now costs Rs. 6,400,000 as opposed to Rs. 5,750,000.

• As opposed to its previous pricing of Rs. 5,400,000, the Proton X70 Executive AWD model now costs Rs. 6,050,000.

New Prices of Proton Saga by Al-Haj Automotive

All three Saga models now cost Rs. 230,000 more owing to a pricing increase by Proton. The sedan’s latest prices are listed below.

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• As opposed to its previous pricing of Rs. 2,349,000, the Proton Saga Standard Manual model now costs Rs. 2,579,000.

• As opposed to its previous pricing of Rs. 2,499,000, the Proton Saga Standard Automatic edition now costs Rs. 2,729,000.

• As compared to its previous pricing of Rs. 2,619,000, the Proton Saga Ace Automatic model now costs Rs. 2,849,000.

The rising dollar rate, freight, and shipping charges, much like with the previous iterations, are to blame for the price increase by Al-Haj Automotive and other car makers.

With that, the first company initiated the price hike and now the experts are anticipating that Toyota, Suzuki, Honda, Kia, Changan, Hyundai, and other automakers will follow Proton’s car price initiative and will soon increase their prices as well.

While launching, the Proton Saga Ace was around Rs. 2,150,000, however with over Rs. 700,000 price increase, do you believe the new Proton car prices are reasonable? Meanwhile, with the inflation and global recession is certain it is expected that there will be a drastic decrease in car purchase.

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