Ahad Raza Mir postpones production of ‘Hamlet’ due to Covid-19

Ahad Mir Hamlet Covid-19

Ahad Raza Mir announced on social media that he has postponed the production of hamlet due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Mir has been performing the role of Hamlet on a stage in Calgary. Playing the prince of Denmark seeking revenge against his uncle Claudius, Hamlet is everything – vengeful, vindictive and unforgiving.

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Pakistani actor Ahad plays his role masterfully. He is moving as you watch him grasp the stage as his own. But in the wake of coronavirus, he announced the postponement of his further performance on stage, and the work is stopped these days at least till 2021.

Ahad Raza Mir took to Instagram to inform his fans the postponement of Hamlet owing to Covid-19. He started the post with the most famous saying of Hamlet, “To be or not to be…. Well, unfortunately not this year. The Rose Theatre and I have decided to postpone our production of Hamlet to next year. Its too bad, but we’ll all meet soon enough to experience the magic of Shakespeare together. Thank you to all my fans for your patience and love. See you at the theatre in 2021.”

Last year, Yaqeen Ka Safar actor won The Betty Mitchell Awards in the ‘Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Drama’ category for his play.

While in conversation he revealed many of his thoughts and said, “Hamlet is particularly an exhausting character. There’s so much air that needs to be created around him. I can’t just ease into him during the course of the performance.”

Everyone is well aware of the mental state of Hamlet and the way William Shakespeare has portrayed his character in the play is not a piece of cake to act on stage. Ahad said, “The first time I am on stage, I am bawling my eyes out and screaming. He laughs, he cries and he’s mentally disturbed and for two hours and 45 minutes, for 35 more shows, I am him.”

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