A $1,500 robot named Moxie for kids


A new innovation is in the market and this time the target audience is kids. It’s a robot named Moxie. By looking at Moxie, it looks like a character taken out from a Pixar movie. Moxie is designed and developed for educational purposes. The attractive educational robot is seven pounds in weight and costs $1,500 with a $60 monthly subscription after the first year.

The robot is made for 6 to 9 years old kids which consists of themes, intellectual contents, emotional, lesson learning process, and social learning. Parents can also track down the progress and control the activity as well through the parent app. Parents can also limit the usage of Moxie through the app.

Privacy and Security

When a product launches in the market specifically for kids the first concern of parents is related to the privacy and security of their children. The Moxie’s data is end to end encrypted. Only parents or guardians have access to Moxie. Inside its head, there are 4 microphones and a camera is being placed on the front. Apart from Moxie, there was a smart Barbie and a smart kids speaker also introduced which ran into controversies because of the privacy issues as they added microphone into toys meant for kids.

There are so many renowned companies trying to make a robot that is user friendly such as Aibo, Sony’s expensive robotic pet which cost was $2,900, and the Jibo robot which was quite successful at the start but it became flop within a couple of years of his lifespan.

The Moxie release will be near fall and kids have to wait for a little longer in order to get the robotic tutor to gain knowledge.

This is an excellent product that is released by Embodied during pandemic coronavirus. As everything is lockdown and online classes are being conducted and students especially kids need extra to do homework and Moxie will serve as a substitute for tuition centers.

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