8 Pakistani women among 100 Outstanding Women Nurse and Midwife Leaders

Pakistani Nurse and Midwife

Eight Pakistani women have been honored in the global 100 Outstanding Women Nurse and Midwife Leader list for the year 2020.

All these nurses and midwives belong to the Aga Khan School of Nursing and Midwifery. The awarded women are working there as teachers and nurses. Their expertise has been accepted by the Women in Global Health (WGH) which is an organization working in collaboration with the World Health Organization, United Nations Population Fund, Nursing Now International Council of Nurses, and International Confederation of midwives.

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According to the press release, issued by the Pakistani University, this award has been conferred to 100 nurse and midwife leaders of 43 countries for doing good jobs to better the health conditions internationally and also being active members of the health community during the global Covid epidemic.

Dr. Rozina Karmaliani of the School of Nursing has been awarded in the category of Board and Management. Her services have also been accepted in the field of activating research aptitude in the nursing profession and integrating education and practical working.

The teachers, Yasmen Parpio and Samina Vertejee have been awarded in the category of Community Heroes to render the services for the health of the local community and in nursing.

Saima Sachwani has been given the award in the category of Capital Development for the preparation and formation of an effective syllabus.

Nurse and midwife, Marina Beg has been awarded in the category of Innovation Science and Health for rendering the services for the use of mobile health technology to improve maternal health.

Three other Nurses, Shela Hirani, Neelum Punjani, and Sdaf Samim of the Agha Khan School of Nursing and Midwifery have been conferred with awards in Hero Category.

The Aga Khan School of Nursing has earned a very good reputation not only in Pakistan but its services are accepted all over the world. It has grown tremendously over the last four decades. It started the midwifery course in 2013.

The school aims to prepare leaders in the field of nursing and midwifery. The reputation of this institution is also concerned regarding education, research practice, and administration.

Dr. Rozina Karmaliani said “It is an honor to be acknowledged by the international public health and nursing fraternity. This year has been particularly challenging for healthcare providers, all of whom have shown incredible commitment in their respective roles in responding to the Covid-19 crises.”

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