7 in 10 Pakistanis believe PTI will complete its five-year term

PTI complete term

A survey has revealed that a majority of Pakistanis believe that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) will complete its five-year term. 

According to a study organized by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan, 70% of Pakistanis have said they anticipate seeing the government complete its full term. The remaining 20% believed it will not be able to, whereas 11% were not sure. 

Amid the survey partakers, 48% said they are contented with PM Imran Khan’s three-year performance, while 45% were unhappy. 

Of the remaining 7% had “no response”. 

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COVID Handling 

The analysis further showed that 69% Pakistanis are satisfied with the government’s controlling of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Among these, 18% said its performance has been “very good”, while 51% consider it to be “good”. 

Of the residual defendants, 13% described the performance as “bad”, 9% as “very bad”, 4% voiced they “don’t know”, while 5% had “no response” 

Survey suggests PTI to complete term

Performance on Foreign Affairs 

58% of Pakistanis have indicated they are satisfied with the government’s foreign policy efforts. 

Among them, 18% said the enactment has been “very good”, while 40% said it has been “good”. 

From the remaining respondents, 15% believed that the government’s performance in this area has been “bad”, while 9% view it to be “very bad”, 12% said they “don’t know”, and 7% had “no response”. 

Performance on Economy 

While surveying about the economic conditions of Pakistan, 45% said they were satisfied with where it stands, whereas 44% showed dissatisfaction. 

Performance on preventing corruption 

Moreover, talking to prevent corruption, 48% viewed that the government has been fruitful, while on the other hand, 40% were of the view it has failed. 

Amongst the satisfied 48% citizens, 14% said they have been “very good”, whereas 34% said they have been “good”. 

Of the remaining 53% respondents, 21% said the performance has been “bad”, 19% said it has been “very bad”, 7% said they “don’t know” and 6% had “no response”. 

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