341 healthcare workers infected with coronavirus in Punjab

341 healthcare workers

Punjab has emerged as the most virus-infected province in Pakistan where 341 healthcare workers have got infected while serving to treat infected patients.

The number of coronavirus patients has reached to 66,500 in the country and 24,100 of the cases are from Punjab. Total deaths reported from Punjab have reached 439 with 29 new deaths in the last 24 hours.

As this disease is contagious, the number of locally infected patients is rapidly increasing, and therefore, healthcare workers are also at most danger of getting infected. 341 healthcare workers have got infected until now.

 The daily situation report by the directorate general health services Punjab on 28th May reported that a total of 341 workers including medics and healthcare have been infected. However, until 27th May, the total number of infected workers was 241 that at once ascended to 341 who were tested positive for the deadly disease.

Total workers were 2,173 who were tested and 156 of them were tested positive. The rest of 84 percent were tested negative. The positivity rate amongst doctors, nurses, and other medics in the province has shot up from the previous 12.7 percent to 15.6 percent.

According to a report, 7,034 of the majority cases in Punjab are in the age bracket of sixteen to thirty years old. Whereas on Friday, there was the highest death toll in the province in a single day.

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