30,245 tourists visited different scenic spots of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in single day

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At least 30,245 tourists visited several scenic spots in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) in just a single day to enjoy the pleasant weather. 

According to the data released from the KP Integrated Tourism Development Project (KITE) on Tuesday, a total of 11,800 tourists visited Naran and Kaghan, 8,500 went to  Galiyat, 6,000 visited Malam Jabba, 1,800 toured Lower Chitral, and 145 went to Upper Dir on 25 July. 

Due to the low temperatures in the Upper parts of KP and the Galiyat region during the summer season, a huge number of tourists are attracted to these areas from all across Pakistan. 

The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) also stated that the hotel industry is growing due to the surge in summer tourism. 

In this regard, Chief Minister Mahmood Khan directed the KP tourism department last week to formulate a strategy within a week for outsourcing operational rest houses and other properties that it had received. He also sought for the master plan for tourism sites to be finalized. 

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The KP Integrated Tourism Development Projects, which have a projected amount of Rs.17 billion, for the development of new scenic tourist spots, the building of access roads to tourist destinations, the restoration of the present tourism infrastructure, and potential tourism sectors for sustainable development, are growing considerably. 

Meanwhile, the beautiful areas of Murree also fascinated a huge number of tourists this summer. Eco-tourists and mountaineers visited the adjoining Ayubia tourist resort to relish a free ride on a chairlift with great fun and laughter. 

The hide and seek between sun and clouds with moderate to erratic rainfalls over snow-covered mountains peaks of Miranjani and Mukshpuri in Ayubia on western Himalayan hills and the tranquility of Nathiagali took visitors into a lap of serene. 

Dongagali-Ayubia, Ayubia-Nathiagali, and Mukshpuri Top were the most visited spots where local guides and horse riders were seen moving around to make a quick buck. 

In addition to the tourism police, the local police and officials of district administration and Galiyat Development Authority were constantly assisting visitors in case of any emergency situation. 

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