27 power plants out of order due to technical problems, Shehbaz told

power plants

The Power Division told Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif that currently there was no electricity shortage in Pakistan and power plants were shut down either due to fuel issues to run them or they faced technical difficulties – highlighting the “incompetence” of the last PTI government responsible for the complications faced by the sector.

As per the sources, Shehbaz Sharif was further briefed that 27 power plants in the country were not working for the last year owing to closed units or technical faults.

The Power Division said that these power plants were shut on account of defective wiring or their belts were damaged. Besides these, seven other plants were closed as they did not have fuel. Nine other plants were shut since they had not cleared their bills.

Moreover, the premier was informed that the previous PTI government did not fix the technical faults timely and also failed to replace spare parts.

Most of the faults are administrative in nature while some are due to unhealthy policy decisions.

The 27 power plants include Guddu, Muzaffargarh, Port Qasim, Kot Addu Power Company, and Jamshoro.

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Meanwhile, Nandipur and Sahiwal power plants were shut down owing to the shortage of fuel. These plants produce electricity using cheap coal.

Since December 2021, a total of nine power plants have been shut down due to their failure to clear the bills and money shortage to buy fuel. They can generate electricity up to a capacity of 3,535 MW.

The 27 plants which were closed because of technical faults have the capacity of producing 3,605 MW of electricity.

After being informed of the problems, PM expressed his annoyance over the situation and ordered that the technical defects should be fixed immediately.

“The people are suffering from power outages. Such negligence is unbearable” he said, commanding the concerned authorities to take immediate action.

Meanwhile, PM Shehbaz also chaired a group of economic experts to devise a strategy to lift the country out of its financial woes.

He ordered his economic team to chalk out an economic reforms strategy on an emergency basis.

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