22 dead as heavy snowfall traps tourists in their vehicles in Murree

snowfall in Murree

After around 22 tourists died in their cars in Murree due to severe snowfall, the federal government has dispatched Pakistan Army and other civil-armed forces to assist in rescue operations. 

Thousands of vehicles entered the city, all routes in Murree were closed, leaving tourists stranded on the roadways. 

Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed stated in a video message on Saturday that Murree had “seen a huge number of tourists after 15-20 years” and that a crisis had developed as a result. 

According to Rasheed, the government was compelled to close the road connecting Islamabad and Murree. “The commissioners, deputy commissioners, and police of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are conducting rescue operations.”

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Five platoons of the Pakistan Army have been called in for rescue efforts, according to the interior minister, while Rangers and the Frontier Corps will be engaged on an emergency basis. 

Furthermore, Sheikh Rasheed also highlighted that at least 1,000 vehicles would be evacuated late Saturday, apart from that the highways leading towards Murree will be closed till 9 p.m tomorrow. 

“We’ve also decided to prohibit tourists from entering into Murree who are considering into the Malka-e-Kohsar by walk as this is not the time to visit Murree,” Rasheed remarked. 

‘Tourists did not die of cold’` 

“There has been approximately 4 to 4.5 feet of snowfall in Murree,” stated SHO Murree Police Station Raja Rasheed. This much snow has never fallen in this location before.” 

He said that the majority of those who died in Murree did not die to the cold; rather, they died because they left their car heaters on and went to sleep. 

Snowstorm could hit at the speed of 50-90 kmph 

Rain and blizzards are expected in and around Murree tonight, according to the local administration, with thunderstorms at a speed of 50-90 kmph and heavy snowfall. 

The administration has issued a warning to citizens not to leave their houses in the event of severe weather or travel to Murree, as severe weather is expected to last until late at night. 

Murree Attracts Large Number of Tourist 

Hundreds of thousands of tourists are visiting Murree as a result of the continuous snowfall that has been falling in the region for the past two days. 

As per an estimate 125,000 vehicles have reached the city thus far, causing major traffic congestion on the roads. The administration has chosen to close all routes heading to Murree due to the emergency scenario. 

To address the problem, the Rawalpindi deputy commissioner announced that the route leading to the Murree has been closed near Bhara Kahu tool plaza. 

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