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20k acre national park in Punjab to be inaugurated in December

national park in Punjab

Department of forest Paidar division, Punjab has started a mega project of national park comprising 20k acres at the large forest area between Attock and Chakwal.

On Monday, Shahid Rasheed Awan, the Additional Secretary Forest Punjab visited the sight and directed to speed up the work. Admin officer, the Paidar forest, Muhammad Noman said that this is the oldest forest of the country which has the 2000 old antiques. All the antiques will be of great interest to the visitors. Many types of trees and plants including olive will be grown here.

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National park in Punjab will be equipped with most modern facilities

European style facilities will be provided in this national park. In this park, a 25 Kilometer long jeep track will be made for the jeep race. Water boats and motorcycle water boats will also be there, a museum will also be constructed there.

In this large national park in Punjab, the kingdom of pet animals and birds will be established. This project will be completed by December this year. The availability of restaurants and local food stalls will also be in the park. This 2000 old forest is being preserved carefully.

Drinking water will be provided to the visitors as boring activity is also on the way and tube well will be the source of readily available water. The beautification of the park has been started on a large scale. The atmosphere for the augmentation of the birds will be created here.

It is worth mentioning here that the present government is striving hard to enhance the forests in the country. This is the most appropriate time for planting trees in the country as due to the closure of industry and heavy traffic because of coronavirus for the last few months, environmental condition is favorable and the growth of plants will be comparatively rapid.

In the future when industrial activities and traffic on road will start with the full capacity, environmental conditions may again be polluted and the big area of forest will make the life of the people comfortable due to an abundance of oxygen.

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