Tenancy Instructions for Renters & Landlords 

Tenancy Instructions for Renters & Landlords 

Landlords face a variety of problems and difficulties when renting out their properties to families and students. Sometimes property owners face many challenges and suffer damage to their property. Tenant is responsible for the poor maintenance of the property due to intentional or accidental negligence and casualness. 

How to make this process secure for both Landlord and Renters? 

A rental agreement is a significant document and plays an important role in a landlord-rental relationship. Since, the rental deed provides due diligence, landlords should take it seriously by providing a detailed section on the conditions for the people living in their property. The landlord must notify the tenant of any damage caused deliberately or unintentionally. The agreement must note that the damage is taken seriously and is not considered normal damage or wear and tear. 

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  • The property owner has the exclusive right to charge the tenant in case of damage to the property, and after investigating the damage, the property owner may withhold the tenant’s guarantee or pay the security deposit according to the damage.  
  • Or they can also deduct the cost from the prepayment.  
  • In Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, renters usually pay a security deposit of 3 months. 

Dealing with the annoyance of property damage has become a routine for commercial store owners, property owners, landlords, and other rental property owners. Landlords should take a step forward in order to repair the damage to their respective properties by providing tenants with properly itemized repair invoices stating the total expense and cost of damage according to current market rates. Figuring out the actual damage and wear and tear is definitely a task.  

With simple, clever techniques and strategies, and gentle gestures towards your resident, you can easily assess the actual damage done by the resident and recover the entire repair bill from the resident. Tenants and owners alike should always fear God. Property owners must present actual repair invoices and must not commit fraud. I don’t know if everyone knows, but God is all-knowing and all-powerful. Honestly provide the renter with a repair bill that must be legally filed and deposited. 

Basic Difference between Damage vs. Deterioration  

There is a clear difference between normal deterioration and real damage. Before the landlord charges the tenant, he must check carefully and diligently to distinguish between the two.  

  • In order to examine the conditions in detail, the landlords must inspect damage by looking at an inspection list that includes the active state of water, gas and electricity supplies and consumption. After obtaining this status, check the current status of other utilities such as geysers, furnaces, switches, doors, windows, meters, and other facilities.  
  • Next comes the appearance of the property, such as whether the wall paint, water extraction motors, fans, etc. are in good condition.  
  • The tiles or marble are in good condition and not damaged. Door locks, wooden cabinets, kitchen and bathroom fittings, Almirah are all unbroken and in good condition. 

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Registration of Rental Agreement in Respective Police Station 

Following instructions must be followed to avoid frauds: 

  • The best way to protect yourself, both landlord and tenant, is to register your rental deed with the relevant district court as soon as possible to avoid  mismanagement and hassle.  
  • If your rental deed is registered with the local court, register it with your local police department too.  
  • You must provide all details such as number of family members, legal address, number of vehicles owned, place of work, etc.   

Urbanization has led to the scarcity of resources, with people increasing in number every day, migrating to big cities such as Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi in search of better living, education and health services not available in rural areas. 

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