Problems Emerging in Pakistan of COVID-19


Coronavirus is increasing so rapidly that it has surrounded the whole world. Some people are suffering this disease physically and some despite having no virus they are suffering mentally. This pandemic COVID-19 has increased to the extent that thousands of people are dying each day.

Till 11th April 2020, 1,710,338 people have been diagnosed with this virus. 103,512 people have died within these 3 months. While in Pakistan there are 4,892 coronavirus patients and 77 deaths.

The ministry of health told in the morning that 104 new cases have added in the list of diagnosed cases. Whereas Punjab cases have risen to 2,336, Sindh cases rose to 1,318, Khyber Pakhtun Khwah cases have risen to 656. Islamabad has 113 cases. Gilgit Baltistan has 215 cases and Kashmir has 34 cases.

In Punjab, 58 prisoners have diagnosed with COVID-19 as positive. Moreover, inspector General prisoner Shahid Baig reported 20 prisoners positive with the virus in worse condition in Lahore jail.

Healthcare authorities are continuously asking to stay indoors. Few people are outside of their homes because the people of Pakistan are observing the situation carefully. Fortunately, Pakistan is among the countries with very low COVID-19 cases and a low death rate.

But other countries like America, Spain, France, Germany or Italy are highly suffering and thousands of people have died there. Unfortunately, Pakistan is included in the countries with increasing cases of patients day by day and till now, no vaccine has been invented.

The economy is effecting continuously, but developed countries’ economies will not be affected as Pakistan’s. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the country cannot be imposed with the curfew. Because if curfew once imposed, then the low economy of the country will have very fewer chances to maintain it again. While developed countries will manage and maintain their economy because of their high developmental speed in the country.

Stay home and stay safe, that’s the only way out for Pakistan. Sanitizers and masks are on the high value these days. Sellers have increased their rates so high that no common man can buy, but many hospitals and noble people are distributing such things for free.

Ventilators in hospitals are still lacking, although ventilators can be borrowed or bought from other countries, all countries are of the view to save their people and no county is in the condition to lend others.

There is only one thing which has not affected by the pandemic disease is the IT companies, Tissue companies, Sanitizers and Soap manufacturing companies. IT companies have not been affected because they are already in the digital world while manufacturing companies are in profit these days.

Another disturbing thing that has been observed is the disturbance in education. Education of all levels has extremely effected and yet no proper way has been sorted out except the online classes that students are finding problematic.

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